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Mesothelioma and Asbestos Exposure in Wyoming


Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry maps show naturally-occurring serpentine deposits in the state of Wyoming running along two parallel lines from the northwest to southeast. One is located along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains parallel to the Continental Divide; the other follows the I-25 and 90 corridors. Although serpentine is an asbestos source, these deposits are in sparsely populated areas and pose little in the way of a public health hazard.

Asbestos and Industry in Wyoming

Wyoming has historically been an oil-producing region; the Teapot Dome was once one of several oil-producing lands that were reserved for use by the U.S. Navy. Oil refineries are currently operated in the state by:

  • Standard
  • Stouffer
  • Texaco
  • Sinclair

Petroleum is a highly volatile and toxic substance even in crude form. In order to protect workers from fire hazards and burn injuries, most machinery and equipment used in oil refining was insulated with asbestos products. Asbestos was also used to line the protective clothing worn by petroleum workers.

Arguably, such use of asbestos saved many lives and avoided a great many injuries. However, a 2003 U.K. study of 28,000 oil refinery workers showed that workers employed in the actual refining process were far more likely to develop mesothelioma and other asbestos-related disease.

Power generation plants also entail a great deal of risk from asbestos exposure. In 2003, Puerto Rican researchers analyzed the chest x-rays of 1,100 workers who had worked at least fifteen years in such a facility; more than 130 of these images showed signs of asbestos disease.

Asbestos was also used in industries were corrosive chemicals posed a hazard. In all these applications, it is relatively harmless while in one piece. As the asbestos materials age and deteriorate over time however, the begin to give off dust as they crumble (in this condition it is known as friable).

Mesothelioma Statistics in Wyoming

Wyoming is the 10th largest state in terms of area, but one of the smallest in population; the 2000 census counted under half a million people living in a region of 98,000 square miles. Despite its many asbestos jobsites, Wyoming has the lowest rate of asbestos-related deaths; only 67 such cases were reported between 1980 and 2000. Most were in the relatively urbanized areas around Cheyenne and Laramie as well as Casper. Mesothelioma accounted for about half of these fatalities.

Asbestos Exposure in Wyoming Cities

Provided below is a list of cities in the state of Wyoming where asbestos jobsites are known to have been located. If you worked at any of these companies and/or jobsites in Wyoming, there is a possibility that you may have been exposed to harmful asbestos which is known to cause mesothelioma. Click on any link to view a complete list of jobsites in that city.

Asbestos Exposure at Wyoming Jobsites

If someone you know has ever worked at one of the job sites listed below, they may have been exposed to high levels of asbestos. Asbestos exposure at any one of these job sites could put them at risk for developing one of the following asbestos related diseases: mesothelioma, asbestos related lung cancer, or asbestosis.


  • Montana-Dakota Utilities Company


  • Wyoming Coal and Iron Company

Bitter Creek

  • Colorado Oil & Gas


  • Buffalo Northwest Electric Company


  • Cambria Fuel Company


  • Fargo Oil Company


  • Standard Oil Company of Indiana


  • Amoco Oil Company
  • Casper Supply Company
  • Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company
  • Construction Specialties Company
  • Husky Oil Company
  • Investors Oil Company
  • Midwest Refining Company
  • Mobil Oil Company
  • Mountain States Power Company
  • Natrona County Electric Company
  • Pacific Power and Light Company
  • Petrontomics Company
  • Power Service Corporation
  • Producers and Refiners Corp
  • Provident Savings & Loan
  • Rocky Mountain Carpot
  • Sacony Mobil Oil Company
  • Socony Vacuum Oil Company
  • Standard Oil Company
  • Standard Oil Refinery
  • Standard Oil Refinery - Casper
  • Texaco Oil Refinery - Casper
  • Texaco Refinery
  • Texas Company
  • Union Tank Car Company
  • White Eagle Oil Corporation


  • Husky Refining Company
  • Texas Company


  • Union Pacific Coal Company


  • Diamond Coal and Coke Company


  • Penn Wyoming Copper Company


  • Becker Brewing & Malting Company
  • Chevron, United States of America, Inc.
  • Union Pacific Railroad Company
  • Wyoming State Hospital


  • Little America Refining
  • Texaco Oil Refinery Wyoming

Fort Laramie

  • Stanolind Pipe Line Company


  • Frontier Supply Company


  • Gebo Coal Company
  • Owl Creek Coal Company


  • Pacific Power & Light Company


  • Black Hills Generation
  • Black Hills Power Inc
  • Pacificorp
  • Wyodak Coal and Manufacturing Company

Glen Rock

  • Cabot Carbon Company
  • Dave Johnson Power Plant
  • Glen Rock Powerhouse
  • Mutual Oil Company
  • Pacific Power and Light Company
  • Powerhouse

Glen Rock/Glenrock

  • Pacific Power & Light Company


  • Continental Oil Company


  • Dave Johnston Power Plant
  • Pacific Power & Light
  • Pacificorp
  • Steam Power Plant


  • Stanolind Pipe Line Company

Granger Station

  • Utah Oil Refining Company

Green River

  • Allied Chemical Plant Wyoming
  • Allied Chemical Station
  • FMC
  • Food Machinery and Chemical Corp
  • Mountain State Insul
  • Pacific Power Company
  • Soda Ash Plant
  • Stauffer Chemical Company
  • T.W. Boyer
  • Union Pacific Railroad Company
  • Utah Power and Light


  • Midwest Refining Company


  • Union Pacific Coal Company


  • Teapot Coal Company


  • Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation
  • Kemmerer Coal Company
  • Naughton Station
  • Pacificorp


  • Utah Power & Light Company


  • Gebo Coal Company
  • Shipping Station


  • Colo Tires and Iron Company


  • Lander Electric Light and Power Company


  • Alumina Plant
  • California Pipeline Company
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • Forest Products Treating Company
  • Monolith Portland Midwest Company
  • Union Pacific Railroad Company
  • Union Pacific System
  • United States Bureau of Mines
  • University of Wyoming


  • Midwest Refining Company


  • San Francisco Chemical Company

Lincoln County

  • Plant Unit Number 2
  • Utah Power and Light Company


  • Colo Fuel and Iron Company


  • Great Western Sugar Company


  • Jefferson Lake Sulphur Company


  • Continental Oil Company

Medicine Bow

  • Utah Oil Refining Company


  • Continental Oil Company

Mommoth Camp

  • Midwest Refining Company

New Castle

  • Consumer Oil & Refining Company


  • Wyoming Refining


  • Diamond Coal and Coke Company


  • El Paso Natural Gas Company


  • Black Hills Power and Light Company


  • Producers and Refiners Corp
  • Sinclair Oil
  • Sinclair Refining Company


  • S & H Construction Company


  • Union Pacific Railroad Company


  • Kaiser Engineers, Inc.


  • Union Pacific Coal Company


  • Northern Utilites Company
  • Pan American Petroleum Corporation
  • Winklemen Dome Field

Rock Spring

  • Union Pacific Coal Company

Rock Springs

  • Bridger Power Plant
  • Central Coal and Coke Company
  • Fmc Corporation
  • Jim Bridger Power Plant
  • Lion Coal Company
  • Pacific Power & Light Company
  • State Board of Charities and Reformatories
  • Union Pacific Coal Company
  • Wyoming State Hospital


  • Stauffer Chemical Plant Wyoming

Salt Creek

  • Midwest Refining Company
  • Salt Creek Central Power Station


  • Acme Plant
  • J. W. Denio Milling Company
  • Montana Dakota Utilities Company
  • Perkins Power Company
  • Perkins Power Company
  • Sheridan County Electric Company
  • Sheridan Sugar Company

Shute Creek

  • Exxon


  • Sinclair Oil Company
  • Sinclair Refining Company

South Torrington

  • Holly Sugar Corporation


  • Stauffer Chemical Company
  • Winston Brothers Company


  • Tenneco Oil Company


  • Midwest Refining Company


  • Holly Sugar Corp


  • Empire State Oil Company
  • Hot Springs Light and Power Company


  • Boise Cascade Kraft Corporation


  • Stanolind Pipe Line Company
  • Utah Oil Refining Company

Warren AFB

  • F.E. Warren Afb
  • Flight Deck & Maint Building


  • Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation
  • For Food Machinery Corp
  • Ford Machinery and Chemical Company
  • Inorganic Chemicals Div
  • Intermoutain Chemical
  • West Vaco Chemical Division
  • West Virginia Power Company


  • Basin Electric Power Coop
  • Great Western Sugar Company
  • Laramie River Power Plant

Whitney Canyon

  • Amoco Production Company


  • Union Pacific Coal Company


  • Hollly Sugar Corp
  • Pure Oil Company
  • Texas Gulf Sulphur Company
  • Wyoming Sugar Company


  • Wyco Chemical Company


  • Black Hills Power and Light Company
  • Homestead Mining Company
  • Wyodak Coal and Manufacturing Company
  • Wyodak Plant, Black Hills Pwr & Light Company

Filing an Asbestos Claim in Wyoming

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and were exposed to asbestos in Wyoming, you may be entitled to compensation. You may have limited time to file a claim. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and have a pathology report in hand to support that diagnosis, you are eligible for financial assistance.

Resources for Mesothelioma Patients and Their Families

Asbestos Exposure Across the U.S.


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