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Mesothelioma and Asbestos in Massachusetts


The list of more than 400 asbestos sites in Massachusetts includes not only heavy industries where the substance is most often used, but academic buildings, retirement homes, banks and libraries – and a movie theatre.

An Abundance of Asbestos in Massachusetts

Massachusetts was among the first regions to be settled by European immigrants, starting in the early 1600s. After nearly four centuries, the number of old and historic buildings that have been remodeled and renovated repeatedly is substantial. Asbestos building materials have not been around quite as long, but have still been in use since Henry Johns founded the modern asbestos industry prior to the American Civil War.

Ironically, the very thing that made Henry Johns a wealthy man was also the cause of his demise (the H. W. Johns Manufacturing Company was the forerunner of the Johns-Manville division of Berkshire-Hathaway). Johns died from asbestosis at age sixty.

During the last two decades of the 20th Century, 1372 Massachusetts residents died from asbestos disease; nearly half of these (613) were from mesothelioma. Many of these victims were exposed to asbestos in century-old structures as well as heavy industries, where asbestos was used for fireproofing as well as electrical insulation and protection against corrosive and caustic chemicals.

Asbestos Mining in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is also home to two naturally-occurring asbestos deposits. One is located in the western part of the state near Pittsfield; the other is in the region of Quabbin Reservoir, near Harvard Forest. Commercial mining operations were carried out near both locations, one of them being W.R. Grace & Company, whose corporate officers were indicted on criminal charges in 2007 over the asbestos mining operations in Libby, Montana. Those who worked in the mines should seek legal counsel from a mesothelioma lawyer as they may have been negligently exposed to asbestos.

Massachusetts Mesothelioma Statistics

In Massachusetts, asbestosis deaths slightly outnumber those with mesothelioma and asbestos lung cancer, although the latter diseases are much less common. The reason is that prognosis for asbestosis is far better than that for the latter; mesothelioma is incurable and most patients do not survive more than 18 months following a diagnosis. Asbestosis on the other hand is fairly treatable if caught early on.

Asbestos Exposure in Massachusetts Cities

Provided below is a list of cities in the state of Massachusetts where asbestos jobsites are known to have been located. If you worked at any of these companies and/or jobsites in Massachusetts, there is a possibility that you may have been exposed to harmful asbestos which is known to cause mesothelioma. Click on any link to view a complete list of jobsites in that city.

Asbestos Exposure at Massachusetts Jobsites

If someone you know has ever worked at one of the Jobsites listed below, they may have been exposed to high levels of asbestos. Asbestos exposure at any one of these Jobsites could put them at risk for developing one of the following asbestos related diseases: malignant mesothelioma (a terminal cancer), asbestos related lung cancer, or asbestosis.


  • Adams Flood Control Project
  • Arnold Print Works
  • Bancroft Arnold Print Company
  • Berkshire Cotton Manufacturing Company
  • Board of Education
  • Brightwater Paper Company
  • New England Lime Company
  • Rudd Company


  • Amherst College
  • Amherst Company
  • Amherst Graduate Research Center
  • Hampshire College
  • Johnson Acoustics, Incorporated
  • Tillson Farm
  • University of Massachusetts
  • Vermont Rr Tillson Farm


  • Andover High School
  • Andover Plumbing & Heating
  • Merrimack College
  • Phillips Andover Academy
  • Raytheon Manufacturing Company
  • Shawsheen Mills
  • Tyer Rubber Company
  • Western Electric


  • Churchill Apartments
  • Marex Company
  • Mirak Building
  • Symmes Hospital


  • Athol Table Manufacturing Company
  • Diamond Match Company
  • Edson Fitch
  • Gay and Ward
  • L.S. Starrett Company
  • Union Caro Div F U T O
  • Union Twist Drill Company


  • Barnstable County Jail
  • Barnstable Court House
  • Barnstable Elementary School
  • Barnstable High School
  • Barnstable Maritime Academy
  • Barnstable Middle School
  • Barnstable Power Plant
  • Howard Johnson's


  • American Optical Company
  • Bedford Air Force Base
  • Cambridge Research & Development Laboratory
  • Hanscom Air Force Base
  • Hanscom Field
  • Itek
  • L G Hanscom A.F. Base
  • Middlesex Trnpke
  • Mitre Corporation
  • Raytheon
  • Sacred Heart Church
  • U.S. Veterans Administration Facility
  • Veterans Administration Hospital


  • Eastern Refractories Inc.
  • Manganaro Brothers, Incorporated
  • Mcclean Hospital


  • Beverly Gas and Electric Company
  • Beverly Hospital
  • Brimball School
  • R.S. Elliott Plumbing & Heating
  • United Shoe Machinery Company
  • Zampell Refractories


  • Blackstone Manufacturing Company
  • Blackstone‐Millville Regional School
  • Lonsdale Company Blackstone Mill
  • Town of Blackstone


  • Bridgewater State College
  • Bridgewater State Prison
  • Bridgewater State Teachers College
  • Mammoth Mart
  • State Farm
  • State Normal School


  • Acands, Inc.
  • Boston Edison Company
  • Brighton High School
  • C.J. Cox Engineering
  • Edgar Station
  • Heil Equipment
  • Hufarelli Const Company
  • Village Manor


  • Brookline Hospital
  • Brookline Police Station
  • Grossman's
  • Hearthstone Plaza
  • Pine Manor College
  • Sears
  • St. Mary's Garage


  • Burbank Hospital

Buzzards Bay

  • Buzzards Bay Maritime Academy
  • Buzzards Bay Maritime Academy-Library
  • Buzzards Bay Prison


  • Boston Bridge Works
  • Cambridge Electric Light Company
  • Ivers and Paul Piano Company
  • J. Reurdon and Sons, Corporation
  • Kennedy Biscuit Works
  • Morse and Whyte
  • Simplex Wire and Cable Company


  • Boston Naval Shipyard
  • Charleston Naval Shipyard
  • Davidson Rubber Company
  • Geo M Fox Company
  • Hood Milk
  • Seaboard Engineering Company
  • U.S. Naval Dry Dock
  • W.F. Schraft & Sons Corporation


  • Concord Municipal Light Plant
  • Concord Prison
  • Concord Reformatory Powerhouse
  • Emerson Hospital
  • Middlesex Insurance Company Building


  • Byron Weston Company
  • Crane and Company
  • Crane Paper Company
  • Craneville School


  • Amdur Leather Company Inc
  • Amdur-Limon Tanning Company
  • State Hospital
  • Sylvania Electric Products
  • Thiokol Corporation


  • Dartmouth Catholic High School
  • Dartmouth Convalescant Home
  • Dartmouth Elderly Housing
  • Dartmouth High School
  • Dartmouth Library
  • Dartmouth Middle School
  • Dartmouth Sewage Treatment Plant
  • First National Bank
  • JJ Taylor
  • Smith College


  • Deerfield Academy

East Braintree

  • Braintree Electric Light Dept.
  • East Braintree Finishing Company
  • Mass. Oil Refining Company

East Cambridge

  • Blake and Knowles Works
  • Boston Bridge Works.
  • Boston Woven Hose and Rubber Company
  • Cambridge Electric Light Company
  • Cambridge Gas Light Company
  • Gro F Blake Manufacturing Company
  • John P. Squire and Company
  • Revere Sugar Refinery

East Walpole

  • American Wood Board
  • Bird & Son Roofing
  • Bird and Son Inc
  • F W Bird and Son
  • Hollingsworthand Vose Company
  • Roofing Plant


  • Aspinock Corp Hampton Print Works Div
  • Easthampton Maintenance Company
  • Easthampton Rubber Thread Company
  • United Elastic Corp


  • Fairhaven Drive In
  • Fairhaven Elderly Housing
  • Fairhaven Shopping Center
  • Fairhaven Telephone
  • Fairhaven Town Hall
  • K-Mart-Fairhaven
  • Millicent Library
  • Nichols Nursing Home
  • St. Joseph Church
  • St. Mary's Church
  • Teston Electric


  • Falmouth Bowling Alley
  • Falmouth High School
  • Falmouth Hospital
  • Falmouth Hospital-Children's Center
  • Falmouth Intermediate School
  • Falmouth School
  • Falmouth Shellfish Lab
  • Falmouth Shopping Center
  • Falmouth Town Hall
  • Otis Air Force-ICB Missiles
  • St. John Hospital
  • Stop & Shop


  • Conell Building
  • Foxboro Co.
  • Foxboro Control Manufacturing Co.
  • Foxboro Elementary School
  • Foxboro High School
  • Foxboro Instruments
  • Foxboro Library
  • Foxboro State Hospital


  • Babson School
  • Boston and Northern St Railway Company
  • Cape Ann Anchor & Forge
  • Essex County Electric Company
  • Gloucester Electric Company


  • Berkshire Gas Company
  • Greenfield Electric Light Company
  • Greenfield Hospital
  • Greenfield Tap & Die
  • Greenfield Tool & Die
  • Miller Falls Company
  • United Greenfield Corp


  • Bethlehem Steel Shipyard
  • Hingham Shipyard
  • Hingham Town Office
  • Notre Dame Academy


  • Cape & Vineyard Electric
  • Cape Cod Community College
  • Cape Cod Hospital
  • Cape Cod Mall
  • Cape Cod Medical Building
  • Family Fair
  • Fernandez Market
  • Floyd Chase & Son
  • Hiramar
  • Holiday Inn
  • Howard Johnson's
  • Hyannis Airport
  • Hyannis Elderly Housing
  • Hyannis Hospital
  • Hyannis Hotel
  • Hyannis Middle School
  • Hyannis Shopping Center
  • Hyannis Telephone Building
  • King's Dept. Store
  • Puritan Clothes
  • Stop & Shop

Indian Orchard

  • Fiberloid Corporation
  • Hodges Carpet Company
  • Monsanta Chemical
  • Springfield Foundry Company


  • Assawansett Elementary School
  • Lakeville High School
  • Lakeville Hospital
  • Lakeville Nursing Home
  • Lakeville School
  • Lakeville Water Treatment Plant


  • Geo Westinghouse Jr
  • Kimberly-Clark Paper Mill
  • Lee High School
  • Mead Paper Mill
  • Schweitzer Paper Mill
  • Smith Paper Company
  • Western Wire & Steel


  • American Hoechst
  • Borden Chemical Company
  • Foster Grant
  • Leominster Heating
  • Leominster Hospital


  • Honeywell
  • Hugh Stubbins Jr. residence
  • Itek Corporation
  • Lexington and Boston St. Railway Company
  • Page Plumbing & Heating
  • Rte 2A & Rte 128


  • Bauer Enterprises
  • Bay State St. Railway Company
  • Boston and Northern St Railway Company
  • Boston Gas Company
  • Boston Machine
  • Champion Lamp Works
  • Dori Shoe
  • Earlsand Shoe Company
  • Eastern Smelting & Refin
  • General Electric Company
  • Hoague Sprague Corporation
  • James F Pennell
  • Lynn and Boston Railroad Company
  • Lynn and Boston Rr Company
  • Lynn Gas and Eletric Company
  • Mass. Electric Company
  • National Folding Box and Paper Company
  • Pennell Dearborn and Hovey
  • Power Piping
  • Proctor Estate
  • St. Mary's Parish
  • St. Peter's Church
  • Union Hospital


  • City Hall
  • Marlboro Courthouse
  • Marlborough Electric Company
  • Stop & Shop Incorporated


  • American Chain Link Fence Company
  • Arlington Floor
  • B & M Siding
  • Boston College
  • Boston Gas
  • Burlington Mall
  • Frankini Construction
  • Harrington Brothers
  • John E. Cain Company
  • Lawrence Memorial Hospital
  • Medford High School
  • Medford Supply Company
  • New England Boiler Cleaning
  • Tufts University
  • Wainright Manufacturing Company
  • Walter J. Ballou Company


  • Fernandez Super Market
  • Mayflower Bank
  • Mayflower School
  • Middleboro Brick
  • Middleboro Elementary School
  • Middleboro High School
  • Middleboro Housing
  • Middleboro Jr. High School
  • Middleboro Savings Bank
  • Middleboro School
  • Middleboro State Police Barracks
  • Middleboro Waste Treatment
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog
  • School Street School


  • Archer Rubber Company
  • Magid Hope Silk Mnfg Company
  • Milford Hospital
  • Milford Pink Granite Company
  • Milford Water Company


  • Milton Academy


  • Munson State Hospital


  • Nantucket Elementary School
  • Nantucket Hospital
  • Nantucket Island Powerhouse
  • Nantucket Island Towers
  • Nantucket Navy Base Nantucket Personnel Bldg.
  • Nantucket School


  • American Can Company
  • Charlescrest Apartments
  • Needham High School
  • Polaroid
  • Sandler Harmony Shoemakers
  • Thermodynamics Corporation


  • Aquinas College
  • Boston College
  • Burr Elementary School
  • Chestnut Hill Mall
  • Dexter School
  • Gens House
  • Mishara Construction
  • Newton Technical High School
  • Newton-Wellsley Hospital
  • Nonantum Worsted Company
  • Norton Company

North Adams

  • Arnold Print Works
  • Greylock Paper Mill
  • Hoosac Cotton Mills
  • Mt. Greylock High School
  • North Adams College
  • North Adams Gas Light Company
  • North Adams State Teachers College
  • Sprague Electric Company

North Andover

  • Davis & Furber Machine Company
  • M. T. Stevens & Sons Company
  • Peter Aziz Company
  • Stevens Paper Mill
  • Western Electric Company

North Attleboro

  • Commercial Press Building
  • Electric Light Board
  • First United Methodist Church
  • T. J. Smith Company
  • Webster Company

North Grafton

  • Loewy Construction Company
  • Washington Mills Abrasive
  • Wyman Garden Company


  • Butler and Ullman, Inc.
  • Cooley Dickenson Hospital
  • Massachusetts State Hospital
  • Northampton State Hospital
  • Smith College
  • State Hospital
  • U.S. Engineers Flood Control
  • U.S. Veterans Administration Hospital


  • American Optical


  • Northfield Mountain Hydro Power


  • Allied Container
  • Bird & Son Flooring Plant
  • G and H Morrill Company
  • General Builders
  • Harding & Smith, Inc.
  • Holliston Mills Inc.
  • Norwood Hospital
  • Van Ham Pattern & Foundry
  • Winslow Brothers & Smith Company


  • Central Mass Electric Company
  • Diamond National Corp
  • M J Whittall
  • Palmer and Munson St.Railway Company
  • Town of Palmer Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Wright Wire Company


  • Bear Swamp Hydroelectric Plant
  • Yankee Atomic Electric Company
  • Yankee Nuclear Power Plant


  • Boston Technical High School
  • Columbia Apartments
  • Elm Hill Apartments
  • Mr Boston Distiller
  • New England Baptist Hospital
  • New England Insulation Company
  • Preston Plumbing
  • Roxbury Memorial School
  • Veteran's Administration Hospital


  • Texon, Inc.
  • Westfield Power & Water
  • Westfield Power Paper Company
  • Westfield River Paper Company


  • Ann & Hope Department Store
  • Apex Chemical-Teknor
  • Bliss Marine
  • Chemical Plant
  • Ledgemont Country Club
  • Sullivan Donut
  • Tauton Cooperative Bank


  • Brayton Point Station
  • Montaup Electric Company
  • Mount Hope Iron and Steel Manufacturing Company
  • New England Power Company
  • Nrg Energy Inc
  • Pgande National Energy Group
  • Polly Farm & Supply Company
  • United States Generating

South Boston

  • A.J. Harris
  • Acands, Inc.
  • American Can Company
  • American Sugar Refining Company
  • Armstrong Cork Company
  • Associate Auto Body
  • Belcher Malleable Iron Company
  • Boston Army Supply Base
  • Boston Edison Company
  • Boston Electric Light Company
  • Boston Gas Light Company
  • Boston Harbor Yacht Club
  • Cole Hersey
  • Edison Electricc Ill Company
  • Gillette Safety Razor Company
  • Harvest Lane Building
  • L Street Station Powerhouse
  • M. D. C. Police Station
  • M.& T. Oil
  • New Boston Food Market
  • New Boston Station
  • New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company
  • Regis College
  • Sithe Energies
  • South Boston Housing Project Columbus Point
  • South Boston Power House
  • South Station
  • Standard Sugar Refining
  • Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation
  • White Fuel Company

South Lee

  • Hulburt Paper Company
  • Mead Paper Specialty
  • Mead Technical Papers
  • South Lee Paper Mill

South Weymouth

  • Boston Edison Company
  • South Senior High School
  • South Shore Hospital
  • South Weymouth Naval Air Base


  • American Optical Corporation
  • Ames Worsted Company
  • Hamilton Woolen Company
  • Southbridge Finishing Company
  • Universal Blank Company


  • City of Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant
  • Cohannet Mills
  • Consolidated Distilleries, Inc.
  • Dighton Somerset Andswansea St Railway Company
  • General Electric Company
  • Morton Hospital
  • Municipal Light Commission
  • New England Cotton Yarn Company
  • Newton Foods Company
  • Old Colony St. Railway Company
  • Plastics Molding Plant
  • Taunton Electric Light
  • Taunton Gas
  • Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant
  • Taunton Street Railway Company
  • Taunton Water Works


  • Otis Air Force - 500 Man Theatre
  • Otis Air Force Base
  • Otis Air Force Base - Building 128
  • Otis Air Force Base - Coast Guard Hangar


  • Harwood Engineering Company, Inc.
  • Hollingsworth and Vose Company
  • Mass Chemical Company
  • Norfolk Southern Railroad
  • The Kendall Company
  • W.K. Gilmore
  • Walpole State Prison
  • Walpole Tire and Rubber Company


  • A & P Warehouse
  • Buzzards Bay Mar. Acad.-Gym & Pool
  • Commonwealth Electric
  • Telephone Building
  • Tobey Hospital
  • Wareham Housing
  • Wareham Intermediate School
  • Wareham School


  • B.F. Goodrich
  • Chatham Apartments
  • Computer Medinet Center
  • Cutter Fire Brick Company
  • Hinde and Dauch Paper Company
  • Hood Rubber Company
  • Ionics, Inc.
  • J. E. Hood
  • Lewandos
  • Manning, Maxwell and Moore
  • Raytheon
  • S P Green Company Inc
  • Us Arsenal
  • Watertown Arsenal


  • Academy of The Assumption
  • Lake Waban Laundry
  • Newton Wellesley Hospital
  • Wellesley College
  • Wellesley Junior High School
  • Wellesley Public Works Garage

West Lynn

  • General Electric Company
  • Lynn Gas and Electric Company
  • New Gear Plant
  • River Works
  • Thomson Houston Electric Company
  • Utility Section River Wrks


  • Bay State Abrasive Products
  • Lyman School For Boys
  • Milk Street Sub Station
  • New England Power Service
  • State Hospital

Woods Hole

  • Woodshole Oceanographic Lab


  • Holiday Diner
  • Vogel School
  • Wrentham Elementary School
  • Wrentham High School
  • Wrentham State Hospital
  • Wrentham State Hospital-Boiler Room
  • Wrentham State School


  • Yarmouth Catholic Youth Center
  • Yarmouth Elderly Housing
  • Yarmouth School

Mesothelioma Cancer Centers in Massachusetts

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of mesothelioma cancer centers that are located in Massachusetts. Please click on a cancer center link to obtain more information about the clinical programs offered, professional designations, areas of expertise and how to contact the center.

Kendall Square
500 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

International Mesothelioma Program
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115

450 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114

Mesothelioma Doctors in Massachusetts

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of mesothelioma doctors that are located in Massachusetts. Please click on a doctor link to obtain more information about his/her background, areas of expertise, professional affiliations, and office locations.

Dr. Richard L. Kradin
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
Pathology Associates
55 Fruit Street, WRN 2
Boston, MA 02114

Dr. Scott Swanson
Brigham and Women's Hospital
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115

Dr. David J. Kwiatkowski
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Brigham and Women's Hospital
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02215

Dr. Raphael Bueno
Brigham and Women's Hospital
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115

Dr. Pasi A. Janne
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
450 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

Filing an Asbestos Claim in Massachusetts

Don’t lose your rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and were exposed to asbestos in Massachusetts, you may be entitled to compensation. You may have limited time to file a claim. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and have a pathology report in hand to support that diagnosis, you are eligible for financial assistance.

Resources for Mesothelioma Patients and Their Families

Asbestos Related News in Massachusetts

Lakeside Estates Fights Asbestos Fines

Lakeside Estates is fighting asbestos fines and allegations brought against it by the Mashpee Board of Health.

Mesothelioma Concerns Grow with Increasing Building Renovations in Massachusetts

The number of asbestos removal projects in Massachusetts has increased, causing much concern for workers to develop mesothelioma or related diseases.

Asbestos Exposure Across the U.S.


Alewife Study Group. "W.R. Grace." (accessed 23 August 2010).

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Geological Research, Analyses and Services Programs. "Naturally Occurring Asbestos Locations in the Contiguous U.S. and Alaska." Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 25 May 2007. (accessed 23 August 2010).

Treatment Options

Mesothelioma Treatment Options

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog



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